Beulah Park Campus

History of Beulah Park

Grew from a Sunday School Class started by David Parker, Sr. and William Gleason in April 1889, under the ministry of Reverend Ernest Bell. A new plan of building lots known as the Beulah Park Plan had been laid out in a part of what was then Versailles Borough. The closest church was in McKeesport and Mr. Parker and Mr. Gleason realized the necessity of a local church as a meeting place for the young people. Forty children met and worshipped for the first time in an unfurnished building. The meeting place soon became inadequate to accommodate numbers of children and adults that attended services each Sunday.

The Charter date was on September 24, 1889 and the first church building was dedicated on October 12, 1889. It was built on ground donated by William G. Gleason and F. S. Gleason. From 1889-1904 the church was on a circuit with Christy Park and Elrod (now Versailles) Methodist Episcopal Churches. It became a station appointment in 1904. The church was extensively remodeled in 1927, 1937 and 1950.

In 1941 and educational wing was added: and a new sanctuary and other educational facilities were erected and consecrated on June 25, 1961 under the ministry of Reverend William George Morris. During this time, a parsonage was purchased. The mortgage was burned, and a dedication was held on November 4, 1973 with 830 members. In 1976 the woven dossal tapestry was hung behind the wooden cross in front of the sanctuary above the altar. It became the focal point of the church.